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Kody Keplinger

"I always felt like the 'ugly girl' in high school, so when I was introduced to the word during my senior year, I knew I was the Duff. The idea of writing a book with DUFF as the title started as a joke, but when I realized that my friends felt like Duffs, too, I knew I had to write this story!"
   —Kody Keplinger on her inspiration for THE DUFF, her debut novel

Kody Keplinger was born in raised in small-town western Kentucky. She wrote her first novel, The DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) during her senior year of high school. She now lives in New York City with her German shepherd, Corey, where she writes full-time and teaches the occasional writing workshop. When she isn't writing, Kody is probably exploring the city, eating Thai food, or creating a new plan to become Tina Fey's best friend.

Kody is active on social media, so feel free to reach out to her on Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube.

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